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Yup... I've gone friends only. If you're interested in keeping up with the latest Kittycat Black jewellery posts on livejournal you can join the kittycatblack community. It's an update community (no member posting) for those who'd like to get updates on their LJ friends page.

If you're on Facebook, even better, add us over there! We have promotions and giveaways on our Facebook page. :)

I really don't update here anymore... I am using my old net time for real world stuff now and I like it! XD

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We Feel Fine

That book, "We Feel Fine", where they used that little picture of Matt with Jarvis as a baby and a quote from my lj has been released!!!  Besides the fact that my family is in it, it actually looks like a pretty interesting book! It's not even 7am yet and today is already excellent! ^_^

Check it out...
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New Stores...

Kittycat Black jewellery is now available in a few new stores...
Vivien of Holloway and Kitten Klaw Kitsch in London and Funky Fadz in NSW, Australia.

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joolz00 had her man take some gorgeous photos of her wearing her Kittycat Black chokers a while back and I've only just got around to uploading them.

Some of you might recognise Joolz from the gorgeous shot of her I have in the website header banner...

Well here are some of the awesome new ones...

I've also updated all of my banners... including finally adding all of the other gorgeous model shots to...

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Still lots more website stuff to do but it's getting there.
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More designs...

I just wanted to show off my new pirate nurse design...
I will be listing these on eBay at 1c auction over the coming weeks.

Also I just completed four designs for "The Models of VOP Fashion & Rock Show"
(VOP is Visually Odd Photography). I made them more elaborate
than usual just so they stand out a bit more. :) Here they are:

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My second last custom
(one more until I'm up to date and then I take
a break from custom orders for a while).